Massive ravens. Military trained beefeaters. A gruesome history. The perfect place for a weekend break.

From its cobbled streets, to towering buildings and an impressive jewelry collection, the Tower of London has it all. It is hidden behind the river Thames guarded with bag checks and CCTV cameras. This mix of 21st century and 14th century has an amazing effect. There is a massive courtyard surrounded by beautiful buildings standing majestically. Flying around you are huge black raven squawking. Walking around greeting you are beefeaters dressed in long navy coats with red collars. However they are not just actors or tour guards, each beefeater had to have done 22 years at least in the military in the army, RAF or the marines. They must have been awarded the Long service and good conduct medal and reached the rank of warrant officer. The crown jewels are well protected! In 2006 they welcomed the first women beefeater to the tower.  

The beautiful buildings, the jewels, the beefeaters, and historic setting may print a pleasant picture but in reality the tower of london probably holds a dark history. The feeling you get when you stand in the circle where lady Jane Grey was executed about 10 meters away from her house. Standing there where she had been was one of the sadest places to be, knowing a girl, 16-17 got executed, betrayed by the people she trusted most.

The beefeaters lead amazing tours around the different buildings. They combine comedy and history to bring the story to life.

This is a trip to remember history, jewels and best of all amazing ice - cream!