Commons are a place for all members of society to enjoy large open ground. The grounds are often used by personal trainers and dog walkers. However, should all just go for a wonder and explore the beauty that these commons have to offer?

Clapham Common is one of London’s largest open spaces which measures around 87 hectares. Historically, used for the parishes of Battersea and Clapham and mentioned in the 1086 ‘Domesday Book’ as the manor of Clapham. Almost half of Clapham Common lies within the London Borough of Wandsworth, but the common has been wholly managed and maintained by Lambeth Council since 1972.

An idea to benefit us with a bit of exercise and fun with a group of like-minded people is Parkrun which is offered in many commons and parks. In Clapham Common, it starts at 9am every Saturday. No need to worry about how fast you have to be- run/walk at any pace for your own pleasure. It is 5km so you are able to have a great look at the common whilst benefiting from some physical exercise and improving your mental well-being. The nature there is truly beautiful and should be adored. Even if you don’t fancy the Parkrun, the common is there for you anytime to be explored. For more information on Clapham Common Parkrun go to