Crossrail is an enormous trainline building project branching from beyond West London, through central London and on to East London . It will stop at 41 stations and 200 million people will use it a year. The cross rail finally launches in December 2018 when construction started in 2009. It has costed 14.8 billion pounds and is Europes largest infrastructure construction project.

Ten new cross rail stations have been built and many of these stations have undergone massive refurbishments and extensions.

The Crossrail or Elizabeth line,  as it will be known when it launches, has the ability to change the lives of millions of citizens living beyond London and travelling for hours everyday into the city for work. Many people will only have to take one train into work in less than an hour. It is also good for passengers travelling from Heathrow to Canary Wharf, which would usually take 55 minutes, on the Elizabeth line, will only take 39 minutes.

An extra 1.5 million people will be able to get into central London within 45 minutes. This should boost the economy of shops and businesses in Central London and also tourism should increase. It is anticipated to be a giant success for the economy and will create new jobs and business opportunities in West London, including the borough of Hounslow. More housing will be built for increased numbers of people living on the outskirts of London. The Crossrail will change the lives of people in London, people travelling to London, and the economy providing more jobs and income benefiting London as a whole.