Right now at the Pinter Theatre in London a production of “The Birthday Party” is running made up of a star-studded cast as chosen by Amy Ball; Toby Jones, Steven Mangan, Zoe Wanamaker, Pearl Mackie, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor and Peter Wight. Each of these six actors play a well-developed, interesting character each vital to the plot. The play takes place in an unknown seaside town all of the action unfolding within the constraints of a struggling boarding house.

The use of set, designed by the Quay Brothers,  communicates a sense of claustrophobia due to the entirety of the stage portraying the front room decorated with mahogany furniture and faded blue wallpaper. The house is run by an aging married couple and only cater for the one guest who is constantly referred to as a “boy” despite him clearly being a middle aged man. The first scene depicting quaint, coastal bliss is interrupted by the arrival of two strangers - Goldberg and McCann - with an undivulged ulterior motive.

The production is directed by Ian Rickson and Sonia Friedan who both expertly capture the darkly comical tone of Pinter’s masterpiece. The reaction to this revival has been similar to the original performance as produced by Michael Codron and David Hall on the 28th of April 1958 at the Arts Theatre in Cambridge where it was “warmly received”.

Anyone who is a fan of absurd theatre and not too bothered by unanswered questions combined with several aspects being left to the imagination should definitely take up this unique opportunity to watch “The Birthday Party” at the Pinter Theatre.