In wake of the recent horrors at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the fight against gun violence has once again stormed American society, media, and politics, with citizens from teenagers to international corporations working together to ensure that the tragedy of school shootings is soon something left to the past. 

One such group, however, comes from this side of the pond: 'Say No', a recent film from the local filmmaking company Clemens Bros, addresses these themes in a subtle and artful way. Starring local students and filmed primarily at Surbiton High School, the film follows a girl packing a bag full of guns and leaving her house. The ending- a plot twist in and of itself- is moving and poignant, sensitively commenting on the tragic events seen in countless schools across America.  

The star of 'Say No', an Esher College student, said that she "didn't realise the poignancy of the film until we shot the last scene," going on to say that she "genuinely enjoyed the time filming with everyone throughout the making of the film", calling it an "interesting experience".

'Say No' is receiving a special viewing at the Tallahassee Film Festival in the USA this March and has already been shown closer to home in Oxford. Those interested in supporting the film can follow @saynofilm on Instagram, or follow the hashtag #sayyestosayno.