On the 16th of February 2018, London Fashion Week commenced. However, a group of inspirational women took the attention away from shows, by breaking the unspoken rules of fashion. The women turned many heads by marching through Oxford street in nothing but lingerie, showing off their curves. The women's sizes ranged from size 14 to 26.


They not only caused traffic but caused the questioning of London’s acceptable of body diversity within the fashion industry. The average clothing size of a woman is a  size 16 however only 1.4% of models are over a size 12.

They marched in protest, holding signs which demanded more plus size representation within the fashion industry. It took a lot of confidence for these women to march through the busiest street in London. All of these women are inspirations.


One woman who marched in protest is Coco Brown, a model and blogger, who also has thousands of followers on social media. She said, “I did it [the protest]  because I wanted to show other women that you can be a bigger girl and still be confident in your skin. For many years I felt I was ‘fat’. It really was a big middle finger to society who keep shoving their perception of beauty down our throats.”

There are negative connotations attached to the words ‘plus-sized’ and ‘fat’. In the fashion industry curvier models are referred to as ‘plus-sized models’, but they don’t refer to skinnier models as minus sized. The word model means, ‘A person employed to display clothes by wearing them’. There is no correlation between a person’s size and their ability to model.


Your size does not define you.