Recently, the whole country has been experiencing some unexpected snow. Some people do the stereotypically British thing and grumble about the cold and the train delays this has caused, while others embrace the child within and enjoy the wonders that come with this rare occasion. However, I think we can all agree on the overreaction we seem to be seeing everywhere is ridiculous for such a fragile and thinly coated layer of snow. 

In the North of England, the snow gets as deep as 11 and 12 cm, nevertheless, here in London, the snow is no more than 3 cm deep at most. In other countries, this amount of snow would be laughable, and definitely wouldn’t cause the uproar and delays in transport it has here. Why do we have this tendency to fear the snow as we do, and is the reaction it arises really necessary? 

School closures have also been experienced over the last couple of days, and hundreds more are expected to close tomorrow due to the coming storm ‘Emma’.