Its February. It's too cold to venture out to the elements as Spring seems as its still selfishly hiding away. Yet you're not quite trapped in those depressing January blues and post Christmas cationic state. Therefore, what can be done during this time, apart from remaining swapped in layers upon layers of blankets, and with a constant supply of hot chocolate to your bedside table. My remedy is none other than the tried and tested, reality TV.

With the absence of our only source of entertainment and purpose gone from our lives, in case you haven't guessed it, I'm referencing to the addictive Love Island. We've all been left for dead and cast aside. Therefore what's to become of our routine 9pm binge watching, are we just to abandon this scared religious ritual? Fret not as the ever reliable ITV had provided us with our next late-night TV prey, Survival of the Fittest. We love to hate these types of shows, detaching ourselves from them whilst sitting on our high horse, yet just like the rest, always having the popcorn ready at nine. They have become a cult classic in a society governed by social media and appearance. It’s a cyclical structure, with each generation of these "reality stars" coming and going, advertising some teeth whitening and Fit Tea on the way. But at the same time always bringing us back for more.

I know that its trashy, and I know it’s a waste of time, but in these blistery cold months can we not allow ourselves a small escape to the world of romance, lip fillers and most of all DRAMA!

Sophia Baccanello Notre Dame School