The celebration of the Digital Discovery in London

On Wednesday the 7th of February a few students from Carew Academy school and the sixth form got chosen to go to Central London to visit and help out at the Virgin Money Lounge to meet up with the directors of the Digital School for the celebration. Other people from other local schools and the marketing team came to the event and we got told to talk and show them about the Digital School with the accepting of some students from Orchard Hill College, VPC and the students from the Digital School.

The Journey

The students travelled to London by a large white mini bus after the school day ended; they left their schools to go to the mini bus at 5:00 pm. whilst they were arriving to the open event the teenagers got to see Parliament Square to encounter the 100-year anniversary where they let women and other men be allowed to vote. They also came by the Winston Churchill’s statue, Downing Street and Trafalgar Square.

They finally arrived at the Virgin Money event at 6:15 pm; it was dark.

The mistake

As we arrived to the studio they were greeted by the receptionist at the desk that had no idea that we were supposed to be there; it was an extravagant place…Unfortunately, the teachers that were assisting the students realized they entered the wrong building, but they then found the right destination!

The evening events

Once properly arrived; Mr Shepherd (one of the teachers that were assisting the teenagers from the Carew Academy School and the sixth form) was then shown to their piano, where he started playing. Whilst the students from Orchard Hill College and the digital school went to the lower level to do their jobs, helping to sort out the rest of the events down stairs.

I was introduced by Mrs. Reed who was a member of staff who was also in business of publishing magazines and News Quest; I then met some important people and met with Mr Thomas who arrived after us, who used to work as staff at Carew Academy, whilst one of the teenagers from the Carew Academy school took some photos of inside the building.

There were food and beverages handed out to the guests that were important in business, and to other teachers that worked at the other schools.

During the first few hours of attending the event there was a speech by Simon Gale, Creative Director of the Digital School welcoming the guests that attended, and the students that were helping and hosting introducing us as well; he talked about what the school was going to be about and what the students did and were going to be doing, like live radio podcasts and Virtual Reality (VR). As he was talking about that he put up a video about their intentions and the students from different schools that were interviewed about what they think about school, what they did, and what they are going to do. They also spoke about their learning and also, their interests. (And I was on there too).

After the speech ended we were then taken downstairs and people were shown the VR and had a great time.

Downstairs there was music by a young DJ; singing; VR; Conour; ShareSpace; as well as a room where there was a live podcast!

There was then another speech by the Dr Caroline Allen OBE, Principal and CEO of the OHC&AT.

Short Interviews

I was able to interview some of the guests at the Digital School event; these were some of the people:

Janet: The Executive Director, Services  was at the organised event making sure that everything is going ok and that everyone is having a good time.

Simon Gale, Creative Director of the Digital School invited his Dad to the event to find out what the Digital School is about and to listen to his son's speech.

Laurie Cornwell: Who works at YPA-Young People’s Academy as the Headteacher. She was there to see what digital technology can do for her school.

Stephanie Hill, Director of Business Services who works as someone that visits schools to fix all sorts of problems, and she likes to meet people like me.

Another visitor asked me what I was writing about and how, and what interested me to start doing journalism; It was a fun conversation.

Other People that were there and the Team

Samantha Clark, Research and development for Gamification of Learning at University of Coventry.

Alex Slade, Digital school student "Animate"

Simon Adams, the Digital Developer for OHCAT,

David Noble, the Programmer at the Digital School and Aaron Tyler, home-grown Apprentice.


It was then over and we left to go home on the mini bus at 9pm but we didn't get back to the schools till 10:15 pm to let the teenagers get picked up by their parents.

However, it was a fantastic experience and I wish we could visit it again... For another party!

By Rosina Cotton, Carew AcademyYour Local Guardian: