We all know social media has it’s consequences, especially for the young generation. However, there are some consequences, not so publicised, yet equally if not more damaging. An example of this is appearance. For young girls in particular, ‘perfect’ appearances’ are expected and subconsciously forced upon them.

From the beginning of time women have been objectified for their beauty and forced to uphold it contrastingly to the lack of beauty standards for men. The standards of beauty are unnatural and near enough impossible.

33% of girls aged 12-18 said they had experienced some form of bullying in their time at school compared to the 25% of boys, this is just bullying; let alone standards, judging, and rude remarks.

This is also affecting the powerful roles of women in our society. In schools, everyday girls are quitting their beloved sports in the fear of appearing ‘manly’ or ugly. Female child stars are being damagingly sexualized before they are even able to talk. Female politicians are being undermined and accused of spending too much precious time on their appearance, and much more. These damaging stereotypes can be seen in our everyday lives, and young girls are facing the consequences of OUR actions.

by Ruby Edwards, Waldegrave School for Girls