Sports are a way of expression. You may not be gifted in the academic department but you can use sport as an opportunity to shine. There are a variety of sports for both men and women but what are the benefiting factors of joining a sports team? Your confidence rises and you are able to spot an improvement in your social skills. Furthermore, you're able to learn how to work as a team and develop a sense of leadership and more obviously, you'll see a massive improvement in your health. Everyone has a talent and with the large amount of sports available, no one can ever feel as if they are left out or they are not able to find something that they can prosper in. There are many pros as to why you should join a sports team however not everyone is gifted in the fitness area. Additionally, people think they don't fit in as a sportsman/woman so why feel they need to pressurise people into something they're not comfortable with? Sports are not an option for some people due to health issues therefore they are not able to take part so why feel the need to force them? So is sports something you should have to participate in or can you have a choice? Should others guide you through your story or should you write your own?