Colour psychology today

Colour impacts us every day of our lives whether we notice it or not, colour can decide whether or not we buy a product or act a certain way in certain environments. June McLeod is a colour consultant who has a respected and admired career, spanning over thirty years, she has written numerous books on colours and how they affect us, the pros and cons to colours and how we can use them in our daily lives, some of the books she has written are: colour therapy A - Z, discover your true colours, colour numerology and colour psychology today each of them take a different approach to colours, and how they can benefit us, and if used wrong what their negative effect could be. Colour psychology today talks about how colour can have significant impacts on the business world and the individual, I recommend the book as I fined it very intriguing and have learnt lots of new and interesting information about colour, I wouldn’t of know about if I had not read this book.

Ami Wypior

Gumley house convent school