The Dunraven musical is coming up fast, and while other schools opted for shows such as Billy Elliot or Guys and Dolls, Dunraven Secondary School chose none other than the infamously difficult Les Miserables.

With so many songs and scenes to choreograph and perfect, head of the musical Dominique Poulter really has her work cut out to sort it all out in time for the opening night.

But it's not just about management; the costume department have been hard at work making costumes for the entire cast of fifty actors; the lighting crew are busy rigging all the lights and sound for the show; and the live band have spent countless hours rehearsing all thirty songs.

There have also been many students of the school who did their bit for the upcoming show: publicity teams, set designers and technical supporters all spent hour upon hour to prepare the actors and stage for the production, and it simply couldn't have gone on without all their help.

Of course, we can't forget about the actors: over one hundred students auditioned for a role, and of them only fifty got in. Those fifty students are divided up into many different parts: workers, convicts, and more, including several lead roles. These actors have given up much of their free time, rehearsing every Monday and Thursday, with occasional extra rehearsals throughout the week. They have learnt songs, choreography and cues, and no doubt have spent hours at home practising to be prepared for the big day.

All these different elements, students and hours of preparation are coming together, each piece fitting into the next to produce a complete, fully-fledged musical which opens on the 7th February. Tickets are on sale now, so come on down to the school to watch the show, and please, put your hands together for the students of Dunraven School!