The London School of Economics runs a Student Shadowing programme where prospective students are led by a current student to better understand one of the top UK universities.

The trip is comprised of three parts: a tour, a lecture, and a Q&A session.

During the tour, you visit many locations that are key to life at the university. This includes the famous LSE library, and the main LSE building, also known as Old Building where if you turn right when you enter, at the end of the hall there are profiles on every LSE graduate/ staff member that has won a Nobel Prize. In total, the school has 18 alumni and staff members that have been awarded such awards.

Following the tour, you are taken to a lecture that is a part of the course that you want to study. The Philosophy lecture I had the privilege to attend also opened up the opportunity to ask our guide about their weekly timetable and workload.

Following the lecture – which left all of us slightly dazed – our guide bought us each a beverage and proceeded to answer any questions we had about the application process. The talk was an excellent opportunity to see what it takes to be an LSE student.

Overall the trip was informative and inspiring- to be in that environment would motivate anyone to do their best at A-Level and gain the independence and freedom London and the institution promises.