Recently I visited the White cube gallery in London which displays the work of the artists Gilbert and George . The gallery consists of high white walls, blanketed in the abstract, vibrant prints, that are framed mathematically in formations to allow single framed pieces of print to merge and create one large piece that reveals a political, eccentric story. They based their prints on beards, which as crazy as it sounds, allowes the viewers mind to wander into consideration and curiosity. The colouration and formation of shapes and certain patterns reoccurred allowing the individual works to flow. They base their subject matter on pain and the world in general. They are inspired by people living on this earth today and the "complexity of life". They use bold statements and text that catches the eye. Their work can be seen as controversial yet speaks to audiences in various ways. When I was viewing the modern art gallery, it made me think how not everybody can, but everybody should be able to see deeper into art. Many people see abstract art as pointless and meaningless, however art should be presented in a manner that allows the mind to imagine and to delve into the colour, formation and intentions of the piece. London is full of modern and classic art galleries which can be easily accessed throughout the year. The smaller galleries tend to rotate their artwork and exhibitions simply becasue the quantity of unique work is swarming and growing as years of art progress.

Isabelle Taylor. Tolworthgirls school and Sixthform