A distressing number of teenagers in the local area are perilously obese and it is society that is encouraging them to devour in these sugary and fatty foods. It is too easy for school children and teenagers after school to quickly pop into their nearest chicken shop and order a bargain bucket all to themselves. According to a recent study it was discovered that 25% of teenagers are now overweight before the age of 15 and this is due to lack of health-conscious teens loafing around high streets feeding their appetite with greasy and oily foods. The low prices of these unhealthy meals also contribute in being an enticing feature of the meal that encourages teens even more to buy and eat it.

It is not only obesity that teenagers should be worrying about, they should also be conscious of how their diet is affecting their mind and education. Personally, the sight of seeing young teenagers casually going to their local corner shop to purchase a can of fizzy drink and bag of crisps for their breakfast before their busy day ahead at school is appalling. They are automatically setting themselves up to be unfocused and feel fatigued during lesson due to the high intake of sugar and fat that they have already consumed by 8 o’clock in the morning. Research has shown that due to the chemicals in sugary and oily foods it causes fatigue as well as sickness. Therefore, by these teens eating this sickly daily diet of theirs they are interfering with their education as well as their health as they are causing themselves to not be able to perform at their best due to the tiredness.

So, how will we conquer this rising rate of obesity or will it become the new social norm and become a part of a teenagers daily routine to go to their local chicken shop after school?