Have you ever travelled 5 countries across two continents in the space of 2 hours? Dinner time stories has made it possible. A wild journey for your taste buds as you join Le Petit Chef in his quest for exotic foods in the footsteps of explorer Marco Polo. 


Dinner time stories is an immersive 6 course meal from France, Arabia, India, the Himalayas and China topped off with a different drink with each country. The last course took a flavour from every country to make the most delicious Crème brûlée I have ever tasted!


Using a complex setup of projectors, Dinner time Stories creates the illusion of a real life petite chef in front of you. He explains the different dishes and flavours and makes you laugh to fill the time between each course making the night thoroughly enjoyable and creating a truly amazing visual as well as culinary experience. 


"It surpassed all expectations. It certainly elevates the dining experience into an art-form" - customer sitting next to me 


Each dish was presented in a setting based on its origin and came with a passport explaining its history. Customers were able to write their thoughts about the experience in the passport which made for a very good read and added to the entertainment.


Everyone sat along the same table which allowed us to interact with others, laugh together and share our thoughts about the whole evening. Most people were there for an anniversary or birthday and were far from disappointed from the result. 


My favourite part of the night was when Le Petit Chef was visiting the Himalayas where we were served a bowl of grapefruit ice-cream on top of dry ice. We all poured water over the dry ice at the same time creating a beautiful smoke-filled effect to imitate the feeling of the Himalayas. A very well thought out concept and a great opportunity for some cool photos. 


Samar Sabbagh, Notre Dame School