Musicals are amazing - the lights, the singing, the acting, the storyline. They transport you to a different place with their breathtaking songs and astonishing acting. Whether it’s about history or romance or something else entirely, they’re brilliant.

I recently went to see Hamilton in London and it was the best show I have ever seen. The set was beautifully crafted to really transport you to where the scenes take place, the acting was magical with the connections between the characters electric. Even though I’ve heard them a million times before, the songs still mesmerised me. I laughed at some, cried at others and loved every one. I would strongly suggest that anyone should watch Hamilton. Even if you don’t like musicals, it’s impossible to dislike the story or the songs behind Hamilton and it would be time well spent.

However, musicals also have a very important role as well as just entertaining people - they help people get on with their lives. Someone might have to deal with a massive challenge but listening to those songs gives them a little bit of hope or happiness to get through it. When I had an operation last year, my musicals helped me get through it. When I was put to sleep, Hamilton was playing or when I was stuck in bed, I listened to Be More Chill. Even if it wasn’t a massive challenge, maybe someone had a horrible day but listening to a song makes them feel better. It gives them that little bit of energy to carry on. Musicals can also bring people together. Similar to any other craze, whether it’s a tv show or football or a game, musicals bring people together and help them create new friends. Musicals inspire people to do amazing artwork or stories or whatever else because they love it so much.

You may not like musicals and you don’t have to. However, you can’t deny they have an effect on many people’s lives and you have to appreciate the amazing effect musicals have on people.