An interviewer with the owner of Best One convenience store in Park Royal, Mr Singh

Interviewer: Good morning Mr Singh, how are you today?
Mr Singh: I am good thanks. And you?
Interviewer: I’m fine thank you. So the new year has just begun, but,tell me, how was business last year?
Mr Singh: Business was average last year, due to various external matters affecting our business such as Brexit.
Interviewer: Brexit however, has not completely been put into effect, in what way is it affecting your business?
Mr Singh: We stock lots of foreign products, especially from Eastern Europe, as we have lots of customers from that region. However due to Brexit, import prices have increased dramatically and this definitely has a large effect on our business.
Interviewer: If you don’t mind me asking,did you vote in the Brexit referendum, and if so did you vote remain or leave?
Mr Singh: I did vote and I voted for remain, as I knew if we left there would be some consequences on my business which we have now seen in action.
Interviewer: Is Best One a chain business or is it a one off shop?
Mr Singh: Best One is a chain. Our family owns multiple shops across west and south-west London.
Interviewer:One final question if I may. Do you plan to open any additional shops in London or for that matter in another city?
Mr Singh: At the moment we have no plans to open additional stores. These stores are difficult to maintain, rent in London is expensive and it is difficult to find a location where there is not lots of competition.
Interviewer: Thank you, for your time Mr Singh.
Mr Singh: That’s alright, thank you for the interview.