Sainsbury’s Targeted by Shoplifters

Two men shoplifted from Sainsbury’s Local in Raynes Park, on Monday 22nd January 2018. 

It is reported that they both causally walked out of the small store, carrying one basket each filled to the brim with items that had not been paid for, before they ran off into the dark night.

This is the latest of a number of thefts which have not only been experienced by this supermarket, but many other shops across Raynes Park. Research conducted by the Office for National Statistics has shown that year-on-year there is an increase in shoplifting in England and Wales, and so new plans from the Government to cut the number of police that will be on London’s streets, may allow this trend to continue. Local residents will be worried therefore at the news that Wimbledon Police Station is set to close in the near future.

I spoke to the manager of the shop, who said that the thieves stole some of the most expensive meat in the store. Alcohol is not usually taken though, because it is situated too close to the tills and therefore would be harder for the felons to take.

No policemen were called to the scene, as the criminals normally get away with their actions because it is a petty crime, and because of how often it occurs in the area. The manager explained to me how the staff will chase after the shoplifters but at the same time, do not want to put themselves in danger or in his words, ‘run down a dark alleyway and put my life at risk’. 

It remains to be seen whether the people responsible for this crime will be caught, and whether the steep rise in the number of shoplifts will cease to a close.