The love for a pet is arguably as strong for many as the love for a child. They do not scream, they’re cuter, and they don’t grow up. We can all empathise with the trauma of losing a pet, and this fate has unfortunately fallen upon a household in Worcester Park.

In the past few days a beloved cat, with the ironic name of Blofelda, has gone missing from her owners house in Worcester Park. The owner provided a description of her saying that she is ‘black with beautiful shiny fur, relatively small and is quite shy’. 

According to her owner, she has gone missing before, once going missing for a week about 7 years ago, but in the last five years or so she has stayed very close to her home. The owner said that ‘she has been away for over 10 days, and this is very strange of her: she is very fond of comforts inside the house, including but not limited to using blankets.’ The owner is worried that post New Year’s Eve fireworks in the area have scared her and caused her to run away.

Blofelda is microchipped and has a blue collar on her with her name on it, and her owners urgently request anyone to notify them if they see a cat matching Blofelda’s description. To aid in identification, cute photos are above.