Recently, I had the humbling opportunity to recite an extract at Lambeth's Holocaust Memorial Day, hosted at The Kia Oval. I chose an extract written by David Graber who (for those who don't know) was part of a group nicknamed “Sabbath’s Pleasure” who sought to record many aspects of Jewish life within Warsaw's Ghetto.

They buried their findings in 3 separate locations, of which one contained “The Last Will and Testament of David Graber”.

This event taught me a number of things about both the Holocaust and how we commemorate it within my borough of Lambeth. All around me were seated people from various backgrounds and religions, and I had the pleasure of hearing some speak.

Each and every person offered a unique insight into what the Holocaust signified for them and how they were honouring those who perished.

There was a Reverend who has helped to welcome over 25 families into the UK, through an organization called ‘Refugee's Welcome’; whilst another speaker conducted the whole audience to sing extracts of a Jewish song. Hearing all those people join together in song, was heart warming and memorable.

We were reminded that holocausts are still going on to this day. It was sickening to hear of the events in Darfur, which is being called the world first 21st Century Genocide. The ongoing conflicts around the World are abhorrent, and it's only by learning and acting that we will make a significant change.

Informative and moving are the best words to describe this event – everyone there was united in their passion for remembrance and their energy to make a difference in the future was truly inspiring.