Are you an aspiring mathematician? A scientist? Or perhaps even a magician?

If so, you're in for a secret to success, your counterparts are unaware of! If not, then this website is broad enough to sharpen your problem - solving skills adding to your impressive qualities.

I stumbled across Brilliant just last summer and have since gained a very unique insight to a practical view to everyday life problems, ranging from the likelihood a snooker ball will score you the points to being able to discover any angles or lengths by putting into practice sets if rules you often cross paths in textbooks.

On Brilliant, solutions to these ever - growing questions are formed by the audience, meaning you or me could be the ones to find answers to a rock hard question! These questions are given explanations by experts and pros in the field from all over the globe, providing us with a greater understanding of the subjects.

Brilliant's community is vast and diverse of over 5 million members, supporting you on your way to being the best career - wise with the resources Brilliant provides. Brilliant's aim itself is to build your skills in an efficient way 'to be found directly by organisations seeking talent'.

Brilliant's 8 principles to 'effective maths and science learning' are principles we can all apply in life with my favourite being:  'allows for failure' as we all have down days and mistakes are part of our journey.