Brighton has become known for being one of the few places in England where vintage and ethical clothing stand strong and are the worn effortlessly by locals. The laines deliver a range of wacky and eccentric shops that sell individual pieces. The shops are specialised, selected vintage shops therefore the clothing is curated and well looked after before and during sale. The prices vary but you are paying for the quality, originality and the look of the items.

Brighton is an area common for individual sellers and designers that may have produced or incorporated their passions into new and vibrant designs such as clothing items, jewellery, cafes and restaurants and attractions.

Recently I visited Brighton and was astounded by the vibrant street art and atmosphere. Although my style is outgoing and bright, I rely on my imagination and the way I picture clothing in my mind therefore experiencing new and bold environments, being inspired by the colour and bold statements, boosts my outfit coordination.

Brighton is an area of vegan, ethical and cruelty free produce and manufacture. Most of the cafes are organic or individually source their products alongside the vintage shopping available there.

Brighton is a city area and is continuously being built up just like every other urban area in the UK therefore is surrounded by high-street clothing which try but don’t one hundred percent follow the ethical clothing rules, the build-up of these chain stores means that the individual businesses are becoming less common.

I’d hate to see one of the waviest places become urbanised and mainstream…

Isabelle Taylor   Tolworth Girls’ school