This fast passed world seems extremely hard to catch up with and daunting to young people. Completely knew job forces are being designed, ones that school just can't seem to prepare us for. This is why creativity is crucial in classrooms because without it, the future generations will not be as successful in the new work environment. Schools are amazing at teaching set skills but are not developing pupils own unique skills as much, this can cause many young people to feel insecure about their abilities due to comparisons with more academically successful students.

82% wish they had more exposure to creative thinking as students and 78% wish they had more creative ability.

Businesses are starting to encourage creativity with some even allowing employees to spend 20% of their work time thinking creatively, coming up with new ideas that benefit the business. So why does it feel like school mainly focuses on academic ability rather than creativity?

Facts and figures are drilled into the minds of children leaving hardly any space for creative thinking. This reduces amount of imaginative thinking. It is proven that creativity can help people become better at problem solving as well as relieving high amounts of stress and pressure, making it a great way of overcoming mental health issues such as anxiety.

In the work force people are put in different roles and are made to think in many different ways, so developing this authenticity and self awareness in kids minds can make them more successful in the future.

Creative industries boast faster job growth and slower job loss than other sectors of the economy

71% of educated professionals say creative thinking should be taught as a course like maths and English.