According to The Mankind Initiative, for every three victims of abuse, two will be female, one will be male. Is one more important than the other? 

Browsing through the Virgin Money Giving page, a thousand expected charities appear: Cancer Research, National AID's Trust, The Disability Foundation. All of which are unarguably noble causes, praised by the media and recognised by the public. Though an unfamiliar charity draws my mouse towards it's cause. It's name? The Mankind Initiative.

"The Mankind Initiative is a national charity helping men, (and their children), escape from domestic abuse" - The Mankind Initiative Website

Most would agree that it's cause is as equally as important as other well known charities; it seeks the protection of those oppressed by violent partners, provides them with sanctuary and hunts for justice. And yet it's cause is unbeknown by so many. 

Some speculate that this is due to the severe lack of recognition by the media. As of late, many campaigns have been launched to raise awarness and change that. One campaign by Saint Hoax, that has been attracting widespread recognition, incorporates beaten and bruised Disney Princes, it's slogan:

"When did she stop treating you like a hero? Don't be ashamed to ask for help."

Although, the media is not completely to blame for the lack of support for men struggling with domestic violence. The Journal of Family Violence, found that in 2011, 'male victims were more likely to be arrested upon calling the police, than the female perpetrator'. This is even though 40% of all victims of abuse are male. Which brings forth the question, is a man asking for help cause for punishment?

According to the Mankind Initiative homepage, 1500 phone calls are made to their helpline each year. Of these 1500 phone calls, four in every five men have never told anyone about the abuse they've been suffering. This staggeringly high statistic is indicative of the silence that many male victims of abuse suffer under. And also the reason why organisations such as The Mankind Initiative and campaigns launched by Saint Hoax hold so much importance in our modern day society. Domestic violence towards men should be treated no differently to that of domestic violence towards women. Both are equally unacceptable and equally important. 

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If you are a man affected by any form of domestic violence, phone Call 01823 334244, or visit the Mankind Initiative at