A Christmas Baby

As someone who was born on Christmas day, December was always an exciting month for me as a child, as there were 2 events that I was able to celebrate on the same day, however, as I have grown older, I have found that being born on Christmas day often has some faults along with it’s many positive qualities. 

Of course, I enjoy being born on the 25th December (although I'm not too sure how my mother felt about spending Christmas in the hospital.) It brings some wonderful positives such as being surrounded by my family even on my birthday, as we have all gathered for the holiday season.

As I have always grown up with sharing my birthday with an occasion such as Christmas, I have always enjoyed giving gifts to others and watching them open their own presents, as I have never had the experience of opening presents on a day all about myself. This is something I love about my birthday, there is the possibility to share joy with others on this day, and there is an opportunity to give, and this is something that helps me enjoy this day. 

Of course, people always ask me what it is like to have my birthday on Christmas Day, and although I am able to share all the positives, it sometimes can be difficult to explain some of the faults of my birthday. I often go out for a birthday meal a few days before my actual birthday because, understandably, restaurants are closed, and there are often difficulties with making plans to celebrate with my friends in the busy month of December. Nonetheless, my birthday will always be something that I look forward to, and if I were to be granted the wish to change my date of birth, it is not something that I would do.

By Prisca Romano-Stuart, Gumley House School.