My school gave me and my fellow peers the opportunity to attend ExCeL London , in order to broaden our knowledge on the opporunities availabe for us. In attending the event I felt that there was many things that could have been improved which would have appeal to students wanting to walk away with possible opportunities that they could turn to in the future.

Truthfully , I was not looking forward  to the event as my teacher had told me that it focused on opportunities other than university , which is something I myself do not want to peruse. However the trip  was compulsory and it also allowed me to keep my options open.

When walking into the event I was handed a map and instantly saw a uni street which was far from what I expected . Each university had a stand and approximately  three people who you could talk to.  The first university that I decided to visit was LSE , a uni that had caught my interest from previously seeing that they offered an undergraduate degree in a spercific journalism course. When speaking to someone at the stand I was told that they do not offer a journalism course, and was instantly confused in the matter. Then I decided to move on to the next university which was City London , again another university that offered a journalism course and when talking to a young man I felt that he was quite unclear of the course and did not particularly make me fond of the university. The problem with visiting the stalls was that the advisors were not very clear on what each course entailed , and did not describe what opportunities were available at each university . I was handed booklets from the university which were helpful however I would have rather heard from those who had experienced it a little more. 

Once leaving the uni street I ventured off to ITV in order to find out if they were accepting applicants who wanted to do work experience. The man who approached me was very enthusiastic and had great energy , he did advise me that i would be unable to apply for work experience as applications are held in the summer. However , when explaining the opportunities available in ITV for an apprenticeship to my friend he constantly referenced shows such as  "love island" and "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" instead of advising her on what each status in the company entailed , how she could apply for an apprenticeship and what grades she needed etc. It is therefore again a lack of detail that we both received which droves us to leave within 15 minutes of arriving. 

Overall , I did come back with a little information and I definitely felt that they did try however I believe that there is so much room for improvement. Sixth form students attending take it very seriously and really wish to be fully informed of what is available to them. This even was very crowded and there was so many stands that were entertaining students rather than educating them. The event had so much potential to be better than it was.