The 'Coloma Christmas Concert' was a revered tradition celebrated by students and members of staff alike.  It was comprised of both sacred and secular songs, with a repertoire consisting of anything from Handel's "Hellelujah Chorus" to a Christmas twist on Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"! The concert was usually opened with a glorious rendition of "Zadok the Priest" which almost every student now associates with Christmas time, even though it was originally written for King George II's coronation! 

The concert was wonderful at exposing the younger years to different styles and genres of music, as well as creating a sense of community and connection across the whole school, with choral works being sung by year sevens to year thirteens. The awe-inspiring performances of the older years in the more advanced choirs also helped to invigorate and encourage the younger students in their own performances. One girl from year 10 remembers listening to the St Cecilia Singers (sixth-form choir) at her first Christmas Concert and commented "their voices were just so beautiful; their hard work really inspired me to want to keep up the traditions of the school".

Two years ago, however, in 2016, this tradition came to a painful end when the Fairfield Halls (where the concert had been held for several years) was closed down for renovations. Original statements had said that these improvements to the building would be finished within the two-year period between 2016-2018 and, with refurbishment plans being at least 6 months late, one cannot help but worry about the future of the arts in Croydon. How long will the local arts be made homeless? The traditions of many schools and other communal music groups have been cut short. Let us hope that in 2018 there will be a revival of appreciation for the arts, and the opening of the Fairfield Halls will certainly be celebrated!