The latest discovery in the world of social media is a new app called Sarahah. For those of you living under a social rock; Sarahah is social media platform on which users can invite anonymous persons to make a comment about them. All you have to do is make an account, which can be done in seconds, and you get a link. This link can be sent to anyone and with it, anyone can be taken to your Sarahah account. At the top of the page it instructs users to “leave a constructive message”, which effectively means ‘say whatever bad stuff about this person you like, because they’ll never find out who you are.’ Out of all of the trends that have swept the teen circle in the past few years, this is by far the most stupid. Even social media fads like shoving cinnamon powder down your throat or drinking a concoction of disgusting foods seem more rational than this.

When I first saw the links emerging on the various profiles of my friends, I couldn’t wrap my head around the reason why they would willingly encourage people to write unkind comments about them. That was until I fell into the trap myself. I think the main reason was curiosity. The people who created the website and app feed off of the insecurities of kids and their curiosity to find out what other people think about them behind a screen.

Sienna has only just turned thirteen and has to deal with the harsh words coming from an app. Sienna’s critic wrote “Your fat and ugly, go die!”. Somebody so young shouldn’t be so harshly criticized at such a young age.

I think this company should be banned completely and the app should be removed. Perhaps honesty’s not the best policy…