It opened on the 17th of November 2017 and will not open for very much longer as it will close once again until next year on the 1st of January 2018, so if you haven’t yet visited the magical festive lights and lively Christmas markets it would be the perfect way to end your year with a bang and a great final adventure of 2017 with friends or family. The vast amounts of activities mean that regardless of age it is fun for all the family- you can go ice skating in the UK’s largest outdoor ice rink or admire the views from the giant wheel or watch in amazement the cirque berserk or ride on some of the many rides and rollercoasters or even just enjoy the free entrance into the park so that you can take up the winter loving atmosphere and get in the festive mood this year.
Not only that but the collection of Christmas market stalls made it a great place to pick up any last minute unique presents and the food was at every corner in heavenly abundance: churros smothered in Nutella, doughnuts, pancakes and almost every other indulgent food that you can think of.
Here is what some of the visitors had to say:
‘Bigger and better than last year, it was amazing!’ -Sophia Graham aged 17.
‘It was so great! I saw really impressed with the lights, can’t wait to come back next year’ -Lauren Unciano aged 16

So now that Winter Wonderland is unfortunately coming to a close, we can all hope that next year the event will only be more magical than it was this year.   
by Isabella Arrowsmith from St Philomena's Catholic High School