It was that time of the year again where people were either recovering from their harrowing hangovers or awakening at the crack of dawn ready to brave the savage crowds to seek the best deals possible. Yes – I am talking about New Year’s Day. A day that should be spent with your loved ones, making new year’s resolutions and putting your feet up watching one of the Harry Potter movies or the latest James Bond film. Instead, the drastic reduction of prices causes a chaotic upheaval in shopping centres with people swarming through the different shops grabbing every item in sight.

 However, New Year sales in 2018 had quite a different turn around than we have seen in previous years. Whitgift and Centrale shopping centre which are both based in Croydon, along with other shopping centres in your local area, was completely deserted. This pathetic turnout of customers is a result of the innovative internet and online shopping. Society has now come to their senses and learnt to shop from the comfort of their own home in the lovely warmth and comfort of their family.

If you ask me, online shopping is a much more efficient way of shopping during sale times as it avoids injuries of customers and provides a calmer work day for employees.