Manchester City- Manchester City have had a flying start to the season, picking up a total of 62 points out of a possible 66. While their defence has been shaky at times, for example the first half of their home game against Liverpool, their attack has been consistently firing on all fronts, scoring a total of 64 goals in 22 games so far.
Their midfield duo of David Silva and Kevin De Bryne have made life easy for the attackers. Players such as Sterling and Sane are having incredible seasons due to not only their own improvements, but also the work of the due behind them. If City continue in this manner, they can expect to wrap the title pretty soon, making the rest of the top six a battle for the champions league sports.
Rating: 10/10

Manchester United- In comparison to last season, this campaign has been a massive improvement so far, however the team have shown a lack of experience and leadership leading to inconsistency at times. 
Pogba has been the main spark of creativity for the Red Devils this season, with 7 assists in 12 games. His importance to the team was further shown due to absences over a number of weeks that left the team struggling, picking up losses against both Huddersfield and Chelsea in October followed by a loss to City in early December when Pogba was suspended.
Jesse Lingard has also shown a lot of encouragement with regards to his recent performances, scoring four goals in his last five games. He has taken a lot of pressure off of the likes of Lukaku who has recently been struggling for goals, as well Rashford who is also going through a dry patch. If United can make some signings in January and improve their consistency between now and may, then they can be looking at at top three finish with perhaps a champions league run into the latter stages which would further highlight the improvement  that this squad has made since last season.
Rating: 7.5/10

Both of these teams are having great season however Manchester City are quite obviously miles ahead of the rest of the pack at the moment and this doesn’t look like changing. It looks like a delve into the transfer market is the only realistic option for United who need to be able to match the depth of their neighbours squad. All of this poses the question: Can anybody stop the Man City juggernaut before may?