Becoming a doctor for some is a dream for many people when they grow up but some discover as they become older that the medical field is not for them - years worth of intense studying at university and the emotional stress placed upon a doctor may put some people off. Nevertheless, there is a huge number of young people aspiring to enter the field of medicine and qualify as a doctor in The Green School alone. I spoke to two student who hope than in 2 years time they can start the journey towards becoming a doctor.

I spoke to Manar, a student in year 12 who has big dreams for the future - “I want to become a doctor and help the less wealthy people of Somaliland, and I would one day like to set up my own health centre there.” I asked Manar why she hopes to one day do this, to which she responded “I have visited Somaliland on a number of occasions and I have witnessed the the lives of those who can afford very little and with poor health. I want to be able to help and save the lives of those is developing countries.”

I also spoke to Suwayba, a student in year 12. When asked why she wants to move into this field, she responded “Life to me is all about giving back and helping others, i study subjects which i enjoy and i want to apply my knowledge to supporting those who need medical help.”

No matter some of the difficulties which aspiring doctors may have to face, just some of the students at The Green School are ready to face whatever may come their way to fulfil their passion of helping others.