During new years eve, Chinese new year and Guy Fawkes Night people get injured by fireworks despite being aware of the safety procedures. In a recent year, between October and  November, 990 injuries were recorded to be caused by fireworks, 121 of 990 injures had been injured by public firework displays, 475 injuries had taken place at family events or parties. How can we prevent this from happening?


The safety of children is crucial during the fireworks display, children from a safe distance away from the display so they can not be harmed by the fireworks. Firework displays are one of the ways children get harmed during public and private events. Another way is sparklers, often seen as harmless, sparklers burn at a fast rate and five times hotter than cooking oil. 494 of 990 were children who were injured by sparklers and firework. To find out more about firework safety use this website: http://www.fireservice.co.uk/safety/firework-safety/.


For adults safety, it is important when buying fireworks they have 'BS 7114' written on the box. The fireworks that are purchased should be in category 1,2 or 3. The packaging should specify where the fireworks can be used. One person is in charge to set the fireworks. If all these procedures are followed this should decrease the risk of injury at a firework display. In an emergency, if there is a burn it should be cooled down for 10 minutes, remove the fabric near the burn and cover with the disinfected material, get advice from a medical expert to make sure everything is going to be ok with the injured person.


Firework safety needs to build awareness in 2018 to prevent further injuries during public firework displays and private displays during special events. If people abide by the safety procedures and are informed on how to treat a person who is injured this could lower the number of injuries in 2018.