Despite the nation’s prayers for snow, the British weather, which never ceases to surprise us, decided to pour with rain on the 17th December. Streatham’s annual Christmas fair, set to be one of the best yet, was swamped, not just by the rain but by hordes of Mackintosh-wearing, welly-boot stomping crowds. Yet, nobody seemed to mind, for who can resist some festive fun? A diverse selection of mirthful stalls set up in the Streatham Rookery beckoning families from all over to come together to celebrate and fundraise. Food, games, clothes and jewellery tempted everybody and the irresistible aroma radiating from every corner of the park made it hard for people to walk anywhere without being drawn towards the gourmet goods. So why trek all the way to the Southbank when you have all you need right here in Streatham?

All ages had something to do, although the epic circus tent in the middle was definitely the place to be. Children could get their faces painted, do some arts and crafts and even toast marshmallows on a fire while they waited to visit Santa. And yet this was not where most children were - with rain comes mud and with mud comes… muddy puddles! Everywhere you looked people weren’t throwing snowballs - they were jumping in mud! Forget the snow, London, “we want mud,” was the call heard throughout the Rookery.

Even though it was raining most adults waited till dusk for the carols by candlelight. They mingled, drank mulled wine and cruised the stalls. As far as rainy days go, it seems that this one was embraced by young and old alike. Furthermore, in order to raise money for our community, volunteers who huddled close to each other to keep warm collected much-needed monies for the Rookery.

So, even though Streatham didn’t get its white Christmas, we made the most out of what we got and whipped up some Christmas spirit. What more could anyone want for an exuberant afternoon?

By Emilia Edgington, Burntwood School