On the 29th of December hundreds of fans gathered in Hyde Park to lay flowers, candles and photographs to remember twenty seven year old Kim Jonghyun of the Korean Kpop band SHINee who died on the 18th of December. The memorial offerings circled the base of a large tree in a quiet corner of Hyde Park, a ring of red roses completing the scene.

The band, consisting of five members, rose to fame in 2008 and became one of the most popular Kpop bands in the past decade.

"It was really moving to see fans gather in London from all over the UK. I felt a great sense of unity and support in coming together" said one fan present at the memorial.

The singer struggled with depression for many years and took his own life after finishing a series of sell out shows in front of 55,000 fans in Korea. His funeral was held on the 21st of December and since then a series of memorials and vigils have taken place across the world of which London was one. Gatherers held a few minutes of silence to remember their idol, bringing many to tears. A sea of pearl-aqua, SHINee's signature colour, was created with glow sticks and candles fans had brought along.  This was then followed by a celebration of his life, with fans listening to some of SHINee's songs together.

Mental health is somewhat of a taboo subject in Korea, with many celebrities opting to stay silent about the issues that they face. Whilst Kim Jonghyun was open about his mental health and depression, he still experienced a lack of understanding from society. After his death, over 400,000 fans and sufferers alike have signed a petition to help inspire change in the way that mental health issues are treated by music companies.

Evie Thompstone, Tolworth Girls' School