A winter wonderland would be an understatement. From November to January, Kew Gardens put on a truly magical light show. Customers for ‘Christmas at Kew’ walked through the Royal Botanic Gardens, surrounded by thousands of flashing Christmas lights. Along the illuminated trail, there are countless spectacular attractions to see, accompanied by choirs and enticing food stalls.

The festivities began at the main entrance, the public were greeted by flurries of freezing cold pedestrians and the warm smell of roasted chestnuts.You can just about see glimpses of light in the distance as you begin to walk along the winding path. One of the first attractions you come to is a multicoloured Christmas tree, from far away this could be mistaken for an ordinary tree, however, as you begin to approach it you notice something strange about this sculpture. Metal? Plastic? No. This tree is made entirely out of wooden sledges. Yes, 365 wooden sledges. This is one spectacular sculpture.

But that's not it, as you walk along further, passing various attractions, you reach a field covered in spherical lights, these lights light up to the beat of the festive music that is roaring out of the speakers surrounding it.

In my opinion, the final attraction was the most magical. The glass Palm house and pond are covered in a fury of multicoloured lights before the show starts. Suddenly on top of the pond, there is a couple ice skating in the form of a hologram. Then forms the skyline of London as big ben strikes and fireworks leap through the air in all different colours. The show continues followed by the crowd in awe as you walk away from a winter wonderland.

By Ruby Edwards, Waldegrave School for Girls