A new monthly newspaper is about to be launched at Wallington High School for Girls, with the first issue being published on Wednesday 25th November 2015 using issuu.com! The journal will cover all matters of topics, from lifestyle and cookery, to upcoming events at the school. 

An emphasis has been placed on the newspaper being a collaborative effort - anyone from WHSG can submit an article and be in with the chance of having their piece published. Social media has also played a key part in the promotion and advertising of the Wally Street Journal. For example, the twitter hashtag ‘@WHSGnews’ allows people to follow the present and upcoming monthly issues. 

Articles included in the newspaper will include interviews, creative writing, poetry, opinion articles alongside music reviews. The current issue features an opinion article about the recent upheaval of the GCSE English Literature syllabus - a topic which has affected not only students at WHSG, but also those across the country. 

In order to be in with a chance of having an article published, applicants will have to include their name, form group and an image which they have taken themselves, attached to their piece. These can be submitted to either Emma Cogswell or by saving it in ‘The School Newspaper’ folder in the shared area at the school.

Alicja Monaghan, Wallington High School for Girls