Once again, the Asaworta Community in London (ACL) has hosted a get together, this time in honour of the holy Muslim festival of Eid Ul-Fitr. This celebration was held at Battersea Park on Saturday 18th July, where different Eritrean muslim families came together to relax and bask in the joy of this holy festival.

There were many activities to be enjoyed by those in attendance. There were picnic blankets for the adults to just sit, talk and catch up, and to sit back whilst their children went off on their own. In terms of activities for the children, football matches were held, as well as several races like egg and spoon and sprinting races. There was also a game of musical chairs that even the adults participated in, and for the really young children there was a small train tour around the whole of Battersea Park, and some of the adults accompanied their children to see the sights. The play area was also utilised by all the children, with the giant slides being their favourite aspect of the park. All in all, it was a huge success amongst both children and adults. 

One of the children who attended the celebration, Dua Mohammed, let us know her thoughts about the day. "It was honestly really fun," she said, "there was plenty to do and everyone was just having such a great time, and there was a general atmosphere of happiness that was infectious. It was amazing that we were all able to come together as a family and celebrate, because that is, after all, what Eid is all about."

Esra Arahu