Terrible Training Torments Teenagers

Wimbledon Tournament is renowned for many things – strawberries and cream, exceptional tennis playing and exhausted ball boys and ball girls.

Ball boys and girls (BBGs) are the best of the best from all the local secondary schools but despite their outstanding physical fitness the work can be excruciating and painful. The brutal training begins in September and lasts all the way to the finals and an element of fear is maintained as the BBGs never know which day may be their last - a cutting generic email can be sent at any time. Even if successful, BBGs may still endure the wrath and anger of the disappointed tennis players they serve. BBG Ella Muldoon was spat at by one leading tennis player, while BBG Tara Sinn was told ‘Give me the ball already. You look like the Statue of Liberty.’

During the Wimbledon Fortnight as well as admiring the excellent sportsmanship, spare a thought for the poor BBGs who work equally hard for far less recognition.



By Katie Sayer, Wallington County Grammar School