John Green creates another masterpiece with this book. The characters, especially Alaska young are so imperfect yet beautiful in this way, reflecting real life effortlessly. Futher to this, I enjoyed the way that the pieces of the puzzle did not fit right together, like Wuthering Heights. It is possibly the first book that I have read which I have not wanted the main characters to be together in a romantic sense. Green cleverly characterises the two characters showing that they don't belong together. Perhaps this is due to Alaska's embodiment of living life to the full with her wild and free nature that knows no restrictions,and the character of Miles seemingly the opposite. Coming from the point of view of Miles means that as the reader, we understand certain parts to Alaska's character yet are mystified simultaneously.
The book leads up to her death, with the ominous _days before then later _days after, showing the obsession that Miles has with Alaska and her death. We follow Miles and his friend Colonel as they try to figure out why her death took place. I would definitely recommend the book for anyone who wants a book untainted from cliche, although I did not enjoy the way that I was unable to connect with some of the characters. However, I did enjoy it and would give it 4 stars.

Tasmin Reader, St Philomena's