Where did the Holbeck Hall Hotel go?

The Holbeck Hall Hotel was a clifftop hotel in Norfolk that is now under the sea.

The hotel was built in 1879 by a George Alderson. He built it as a house but later converted it into a hotel. On 3 June 1993, a terrible landslide took place under the hotel. So, on 5 June 1993 parts of the building fell off into the sea. 

Not only has the hotel fallen into to the sea but many houses have too. The hotel fell because of a soil creep, which is when rocks or soil move slowly down a hill, but house have fallen into the sea because of the sea eroding at the sea walls and cliffs.

My year went on a geography school trip to Norfolk where we studied different ways of preventing erosion. We were walking down a hill when our geography teacher noticed that this is where the hotel was. Only the base of the hotel was left, just brick. All else had fallen into the sea or taken away for safety reasons. I thought that if there was another soil creep then all this would be gone as well, so I took a piece of the brick about the size of half a thumb. I took it because I didn’t want the hotel to completely vanish like it was never there. So on my desk at home I have the piece of rock to remind me of our school trip and also of the hotel that not many people know about. The Holbeck Hall Hotel, in my mind, lives on.


By Evie Hay