Most people in London have pets, actually it is estimated that 13 million households (46%) have an animal friend in their houses. And a bond between owner and pet is built as soon as it gets to your house. The last thing any pet owner wants to see is their animal die as a result of the ignorance of others.

On the 27th of April I had a shocking and heart breaking experience of seeing a poisoned puppy die from a mysterious substance.

No proof has yet been found, however all evidences lead to the belief that the death was due to the use of Foxoff in order to kill foxes, other animals have been affected by this, since it not only catches foxes’ attention.

The use of Foxoff and other poisons for foxes are illegal and anyone found using and be heavily fined and imprisoned as it is the worse way to deal with the growing numbers in the population of foxes.

Another case of the impact this product had on household animals was Cuca Gonzalez who found her dog in the verge of death after eating the deadly poison. Her pet was hospitalised for four days, receiving saline solution. “It was a terrifying experience” said the owner of Laky. After two weeks from the event, the dog is now fully recovered, however Mrs. Gonzalez's attetion and worry as to what her dog eats has increased drastically. 

All pet owners must be aware of this issue as it can occur to anyone. And the use of Foxoff must be inhibited considering all dangers that are brought with it. Would you want your pet in danger?


Marina Rameh, Grey Court School