Between 3rd April and 19th April, Shepherds Bush Green was home to the 'greatest and most famous circus on Earth'. The Moscow State Circus, which is known for their awe inspiring performances, held an average of 2-3 shows per day, each just hours apart during these couple of weeks. This year, the story was called 'Zhelaniy' which is based on a Russian Folklore called "the flower with seven colours" with a general Story line of each petal on the flower represents a wish. The show was made up of several acts, each very detailed and diverse. Some of the acts shown were 'Stynka' who performed on a Russian bouncing bar, 'Ruban' which is an award winning springboard group made of 13 individuals and 'Eliza Khachutryan' who is a ballerina that performed on a high wire in the Roof of the big top, the highest part of the tent.

This was The Moscow States Circus' first European tour which is why they chose this mesmerising story of Zhenya (the main character) on her journey through a 'mysterious and enchanted garden'. A member of the audience stated "I've never seen such a well choreographed performance in my life, it kept everyone entertained as when I looked around, there was a sea of open mouths gazing at the marvels that unraveled. I would highly recommend it as it is a good day out for people of any ages and keeps the kids entertained, even the big ones. It is an act I will never forget and neither will others." 

By Jane O'Sullivan, Gumley House Convent School