Small blue hair bow; what is the first thing you associate it with?


Perhaps a girly little girl…


Something that I feel strongly about is gender discrimination and one place that is quite prominent is in the fashion industry. A few fellow students of mine have decided to take a stand to this and have been wearing bows in their hair. Many of these boys faced questions such as, ‘why are you wearing that, are you a girl?’ and ‘are you gay?’ and were also told by many teachers to ‘stop messing about’ and take them out. One teacher in particular called one of the boys a girl during the lesson, making him feel as if he should be embarrassed in front of all of his peers.


Why is it that a piece of coloured material has all of these connotations? Being more ‘feminine’ if you’re a boy or more ‘masculine’ if you’re a girl is seen as something dire and I know that there are a plethora of people who feel subjected to gender classification.


This is why I and a few others have decided to begin a campaign, it may not go far as again, and we are seen as young children who don’t know what they are talking about and we may not be taken seriously but that does not mean that we will stop trying to get out message across of equality! The campaign is for those people who are seen as outcasts because they don’t fit into the extremely tight invisible boxes called ‘stereotypes and labels’. It is for those people who are anxious to be themselves and unique because they are fear being different. It’s called Beau and is there for people to join us in making a stand. Be you, be Beau!


Monica Poucheva - Murray     Cheam High School