Women in Mathematics Event On 26th February, I attended a women in mathematics event at the Royal Institution. In case you couldn't tell, it was based on celebrating women's achievements in maths to escape the thought that only male mathematicians have been successful. Also, it helped us youngsters to understand how maths is used in everyday lives. The event featured talks from inspiring women who worked/had worked at UCL and British Airways (for example). With lectures about things like chocolate fountains and holidays, it kept us year 10s hooked and when we learned how maths is used in crime, it helped me to realise that I'd make a terrible criminal as I'd easily be tracked down using maths! As the day ended with a talk from Countdown's Rachel Riley, I saw how useful the event was in allowing us to think about pursuing maths at A level or University. I have definitely been persuaded and have already looked at careers in operational research. Because of this trip, I also believe that education facilities everywhere should hold events such as this to help teens to realise that a career like maths has hundreds of opportunities. Sophy Higgins, Richmond Park Academy.