This month, the micronation of Austenasia celebrated the second anniversary of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Jonathan’s ascension to the throne. This marks a golden period in which disputes have been solved peacefully by diplomatic means and negotiations rather than aggression. The recent crisis in New South Scotland ended without bloodshed when the autonomous land was given over to the nearby nation of Zealandia whilst remaining under de jure Austenasian sovereignty. His Imperial Majesty will also be celebrating the second anniversary of his coronation in February.


This year will also see the micronation’s general election for Prime Minister, which will be held on the 3rd March. Joseph Caesar from New Richmond, surrounded by Virginia in USA, is running on a libertarian platform whilst the present Prime Minister Countess Eritoshi of Thanesia will be running on a green platform. Countess Eritoshi was elected last time by a clear majority having received two thirds of the vote.


Two new consuls have been appointed by His Imperial Majesty this year: Crown Princess Caroline was named First Consul and Baroness Strawberry Imp of Thanesia became Second Consul. These two will have the year named in their honour, following the ancient Roman system, and have the important role of deciding the sentences for anyone who commits a crime against the laws of Austenasia. Each month, one consul makes the decision whilst the other consul has veto power and these roles alternate every month. The last criminal trial in Austenasia was in 2009 for the attempted theft of the royal treasury, which resulted in a sentence of community service.


Since the beginning of this year the empire of Austenasia has expanded twice. Their new members include the Algerian enclave of Enfriqua and the Norwegian micronation of Harenfall. Enfriqua joined the Empire of Austenasia on 15th January 2015 following a request from one of its residents, Akka Bey, who was appointed Governing Commissioner of the Crown dependency. Harenfall held a vote on joining Austenasia on 24th January 2015 with 83% of the voters in favour of joining the empire. The Empire now holds dependencies in Europe, North and South America, Australasia and Africa. As a result of this expansion the population has grown to 65, with 59 residents and 6 non-residential subjects through military service. There are 223 foreign Honorary Subjects. It is only possible to become a citizen of Austenasia by living within the Empire's borders or joining its armed forces, however anyone can apply to become an Honorary Subject by completing a form on the micronation's website. Honorary Subjectship carries no rights or obligations and does not count as actual citizenship.

Imogen Easton

Cheam High School