What would you do if your hometown was threatened by these 3 things:  Death, Noise and Destruction, all under the pretence that it was good for the community?  Welcome to the reality of the locals of Teddington

Recently, the council released plans to transform Teddington Weir, a heritage site, into a hydro-electric power station, with the goal of generating enough power to supply the area.  This dream target is exactly that, a dream.  The size of the power station would not be capable of supplying more than a small number of homes with the power needed to maintain a regular family.  Moreover, to build this station, more energy than it will produce is needed to make and transport the materials for its construction.  Therefore, the creation of such a place is not economically worthwhile.

Teddington, as a town, has always been regarded as a tranquil place to live.  However, by introducing a power station to the area, this treasured piece will be shattered by the constant noise that the running of the station will cause.  Furthermore, the reputation the town has of being 'family friendly' would no longer be a reality, as the change in current, which would be a side-effect of the power station, could pose a danger not only to small children, but adults alike.  Is this a risk worth taking?  Is the safety of human life suddenly worth less than power? 

In addition, it is not just human life that has to be considered when questioning the necessity of further power stations in London, but also the wildlife in the area must be given thought.  The aquatic life of the Weir will be threatened  by the building of such a monstrousity, as many will get trapped in the turbines of the station, not to mention habitats will be removed to make way for the construction.

So, now I ask you.  Do you agree with the killing of innocent creatures?  Do you agree with the destruction of a heritage site, home to many habitats?  Do you agree with the increased risk to human life? 

I for one, do not.

By Saskia Reed, Surbiton High School