In an era where academic and educational strains are consistently being pressed upon the youth of today, occasionally the musical creativity of new talents may be over-looked. This certainly isn’t the case with the up-and-coming artist and local songwriter Kavana Crossley, or KC, who independently, with the aid of his bandmates (Joe, Liam, Cameron and Jack), has raised a substantial amount of money to not only record a series of eleven “chilled, vibrant and stripped-back” songs, but is also set to release his new album “Armia” in July 2015.

From the 15 year olds’ musical beginnings in the prestigious Brit school (located in South Croydon), he has already shown musical merit through writing all of his own songs. He describes his feelings of attendance as “I guess I was kind of lucky to get in. It pushes me as a musician and allows me to write more of my music and learn with other musically-inspiring people”.

The inspiration of the artist for his music is a key element concerning the end product or album. Crossley, as an avid musician himself, finds inspiration from “listening to a lot of old jazz, modern pop and some experimental music, with the most inspiring artist being Ed Sheeran”.

However, the main project that he hopes will set his success apart from other rising artists, would be that of his album “Armia”, which originated when “I was writing all of my music, and decided to put it together into an album. One of the problems was that I had no money! My friend had the great idea of doing the 'Kickstarter' scheme, and put some of my songs online, deciding if anyone wanted to fund it they could. Luckily, we raised all of the money needed”.

With musical icons such as “Ed Sheeran , Mozart and Marvin Gaye”, his interest in music has stemmed from “always singing from a really young age. In my old school choir, my teacher knew the choral director of Libera, who has really helped me to produce myself as a musician, doing shows with them around the world. I feel very lucky and it’s a great experience”.

From listening to his first album being Kaiser Chiefs’ “Employment”, his current day projects are on their way to moulding and realizing his future in music, “as a solo-performing artist, composing my own music. If not, going into sound tech and song writing is an option, with collaborations with many great artists, as well as getting them to perform the songs that I write”.

 Already, the “Armia” recording sessions are scheduled to start on the week commencing the 20th October, including the memorably-entitled tracks “Open Arms” and “Jack In The Box”. Watch this space in July … 

Quick-fire Questions:

Cats or dogs? - Dogs.

Summer or winter? - Summer.

City or countryside? - City.

Apple or Android? - Apple.

Favourite food? - Chinese Dumplings.

Favourite drink? - Yorkshire tea.

CD or download? - Mostly downloads, but occasional vinyls. 


Written by Alicja Monaghan from Wallington High School for Girls.